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An SR22a (often called “green slips”) is a Financial Responsibility filing. The SR22a slips are simply a guarantee to the state of Georgia that you have insurance for at least six months, and that it can’t be cancelled for any reason during that period.

If your license has been suspended, the judge can require you to obtain a filing to get your license back, in addition to any fines or requiring Driver Improvement classes.

The SR22a is generally for drivers who have received a second violation for driving without insurance or driving under a suspended license.

The SR22a policy must be paid in full for six months, and cannot be cancelled for any reason. The court can require you to have it just once, for six months, but occasionally may try to throw the book at someone by requiring a particularly naughty driver to have the SR22a for three years, or six 6-month policy terms.

Because the insurance company cannot cancel the policy for any reason once the slips have been issued, many insurance companies will not permit agents to issue the slips on the spot. They want to confirm the driving record, and pull any additional reports before they will issue the slips, so they reserve the right to issue the slips from the home office.

American Eagle, however, can issue your SR22a immediately, and makes no additional charge for issuing an SR22a on the spot, although the insurance company itself may charge a flat $20 fee to make the filing.

We can mail your SR22a green slip forms directly to the DMV, but it sometimes takes weeks for the DMV to match them up to your driver’s license.

It is much faster to carry your green slip SR22a forms to the DMV yourself, and they will release your license to you on the spot (provided you’ve met all their other requirements, of course!).

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Here are some recent SR22a Quotes we’ve given:
49 year old single male, clean record 30310 zip code, SR22a premium (including filing fee) $355 per six months.
42 year old single female, clean record, 30344: $355 per six months
41 year old married male, no insurance ticket, otherwise clean record, 30310 zip code, $336 per six months
26 year old single male, 1 minor ticket, 30310, $472 per six months
24 year old single male, 2 minor tickets, 30344 zip, $638 per six months.
Please note, rates can vary based on zip code, driving record, age of driver, and age of vehicle. These quotes are based on conservative cars, not Corvettes.
Premiums for nonowners policies are identical to owners policies. Please see here for more information on  non-owners  policies.

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